Community Well Agreement Example

As more and more communities are formed, it is important to establish a community well agreement. This agreement outlines expectations and responsibilities for those who use the community well.

Here is an example of a community well agreement:

1. Purpose

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that the community well is used responsibly and sustainably. This agreement outlines the expectations and responsibilities of those who use the community well.

2. Water Use

All residents and visitors of the community will use the water from the community well for domestic purposes only. No one will use the water for commercial purposes or to fill swimming pools.

3. Conservation

Everyone using the community well will take steps to conserve water, including fixing any leaks and using water-efficient appliances.

4. Maintenance

Maintenance of the community well is the responsibility of the community. All repairs and upgrades will be managed and funded by the community.

5. Water Testing

Water testing will be conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the water is safe for domestic use. The community will contract with a certified laboratory to conduct the testing.

6. Fees

Fees for using the community well will be established and communicated to all residents. These fees will cover the cost of maintenance and testing.

7. Enforcement

Any violations of this agreement will result in consequences communicated by the community. These consequences could include fines or the suspension of well use privileges.

In conclusion, a community well agreement is important for the sustainable and responsible use of the community`s water resources. This example agreement outlines clear expectations and responsibilities for all parties involved in using the community well.