About Us

The Men of the Tay was formed in the winter of 2000. A group of 12 men met each week to simply sing and enjoy each other’s company. It was a wonderful time spent together gathered around a piano in the living room, with borrowed music and a few harmonic attempts. It was in the fall of 2002 that the idea of doing something more began and soon the chorus began to grow and expand and actually emerged to perform for the general public.

Now approaching 36 members, it has remained true to its ideals … to come together and sing. Concerts and performances are secondary to the opportunity to work together, to learn about music and to enjoy each other’s company.The chorus attempts to obtain the best music published for the male chorus at its level. It has a wide range of music: from Broadway, to Folk Songs, to Church and even comedy numbers. The chorus could be singing Doo-Wop and then turn around and work in Latin. It is all part of the experience of being a member.

In September of 2008 a new chorus was formed. The Women of the Tay offers the same opportunity to for female members within the local community.

The Women of the Tay has 48 members which is currently its full complement of singers. They have developed a reputation for beautiful music, lively songs and are in great demand within the community. They took part in the Festival of Good Cheer, the Nine Lessons and Carols, the Tay 175th celebrations and will make numerous other appearances this season.

Shelley McLaren has been the Musical Director since the start, and currently leads both choruses. Shelley is a retired high school music teacher and has studied music at Queens University and McArthur College. She is one of the most respected private vocal coaches in Eastern Ontario and is in constant demand as a soprano recitalist. Shelley can be contacted at: musicofthetay@gmail.com

Brent McLaren is the Chorus Manager since the beginning as well. Now retired from teaching music and mathematics in the local high school, Brent has also performed professionally as a singer and recitalist on stages all the way up to the NAC. He holds a Masters Degree in Music from State University New York and has professionally conducted chorally and orchestrally, actually starting the Kanata Symphony Orchestra and Cornwall Symphony Orchestra. A respected actor and musician, he also takes sectional and full rehearsals for the choruses when required.

The Men of the Tay are currently looking for an Accompanist. Val Leavitt, a local private music teacher, the accompanist for the chorus for many years stepped away from at the end of the June 2017 concert. Our director is interested in talking with anyone who may be interested in this position. Shelley can be contacted at: musicofthetay@gmail.com

Pam Newton is the Accompanist for the Women of the Tay. Pam is well known in music and community circles here in Perth. She even has her own ladies singing group, the Altonatives and has taken part in numerous theatre events in town.