Join the Choirs

Are you interested in joining either of the choruses? Here is what you should know:

  • – There is no audition process.
  • – Everyone who wishes to sing with us is welcome to come out to join.
  • – Simply show up at any rehearsal or get in touch. If there is space in the chorus we will welcome you to give it your best.

Frequently Asked New Member Questions

It is late in the season, can I still join?

  • – by all means get in touch or come out any rehearsal.
  • – the choirs may be at their maximum numbers so it may be impossible to insert you into the choirs.
  • – if a concert is imminent you may not be able to sing at that performance or this season, but soon you will be up to speed on our repertoire and performing with us.
  • – if you call ahead, and we have space, we will have a music packet ready for you at your first rehearsal otherwise it will be there for you next week.

I don’t know what my voice range is?

  • – you are not alone. Many members think the sing alto and after a few rehearsals end up in the soprano section, or come in as a tenor and find second tenor better suits the voice.
  • – after a few rehearsals you will know where you will be enjoy singing in the chorus.
  • – if you are still not certain ask to spend a few minutes working with the chorus director in private. That may help you make the decision.

I do not know how to read music. Can I join?

  • – many chorus members do not read music so you will not be alone.
  • – we have seen that your ability to read music will increase as you stay with the chorus.

How much does it cost?

  • – currently there is no charge to be a member of the chorus
  • – twice each year we purchase music and divide the costs up evenly among the members
  • – any monies we make during the year goes into reducing this music cost
  • – in the past this has meant about $15 – $45 dollars for each season (Sept-Dec & Jan-June).
  • – several seasons there has been no cost for the season.
  • – the Men have traditionally taken up a small collection as an honorarium for their accompanist.
  • – any member who is inconvenienced by these costs can speak confidentially to the director and other arrangements can be made.

When does the chorus perform?

  • – traditionally we have a concert program at Christmas and one in June
  • – our Christmas Concert takes place the second Sunday in December and starts at 2:00 PM.
  • – our June Concerts are normally held on the second Monday for the Men and the following Wednesday for the Women. These concerts start at 7:30 PM.
  • – throughout each season we may take on other opportunities to sing for various groups in our communities. This are done only after the chorus members have been consulted and the chorus votes to go forward with the appearance.
  • – in the past we have performed for the Museum, Food Bank, Festival of Good Cheer, Hospital, Legion, churches and other groups in Perth, Toledo and Smiths Falls. We have also appeared in community concert programs and shows.

Is any of the music religious in nature?

  • – we are a non-denominational choir, but given the choir’s audience it is impossible to avoid music that is religious in nature as we prepare for a Christmas or a church concert. So, yes, there will be music of a religious or spiritual nature.
  • – No member is required to sing at a concert and many of our concerts are held in area churches since they have fthe accompaniment instruments and often the best acoustics.
  • – We regularly rehearse and perform music selected from a diverse ethnic, cultural, historic and religious genres. We try to get high quality arrangements for the voices that make up each chorus. Some of the arrangements will be of a religious foundation.